Bermuda Travel Guide

Bermuda Travel Guide

Ditch the basic, Guide to Bermuda.

Bermuda was the perfect tropical getaway I needed from the uncomfortably cold New York weather. I found out it was only a 2 hour flight away from New York a couple months back and I had to put it on my list, at the time all I knew of the country was its strange connection to the mystery of the Bermudian Triangle.

Bermuda is a tiny speck on the world map in the middle of the Atlantic ocean, connected to the rest of the world via the UK, Canada, and the US .

During my time in Bermuda I stayed in St George’s, the birthplace of the country, rich in history and the point of the first settlement on the island. It was an ideal base to explore the rest of the island and a detour from the traditional Bermudian experience as most people either come on cruise ships or stay in Southhampton or Hamilton and while there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, I appreciated the unique perspective of Bermuda I experienced. Visiting as a woman of color, I felt confident and comfortable in St Georges amidst a history that personally intrigued me and locals that I found to be kind hearted and welcoming.

Things to do.

Tobacco Bay - My absolute favorite beach on Bermuda is Tobacco Bay, located on the eastern end of the island in St. George. Tobacco Bay is a pretty small beach that packs a punch in terms of all the things they have to do. From fun water activities to options for relaxation, food and amazing views. It was the perfect location for snorkeling, paddle boarding and I would definitely suggest staying a little later to catch the sunset. Tobacco Bay is also very well known for its Dark n Stormy drink so be sure to try it if you ever stop by. The owners were the coolest people ever and the staff made sure we were so well taken care off, the epitome of Bermudian hospitality!

Horseshoe Bay – Visiting Horseshoe Bay while in Bermuda is a given, this is the most popular beach in the country and has consistently snagged the top spot amongst some of the best beaches in the world. I say check it out but don’t let horseshoe bay distract you from the several other amazing beaches on the island. It is definitely a sight to see but with its fame brings crowds, Bermuda has no shortage of beautiful beaches which I would argue are very similar to Horseshoe bay minus the hordes of people. Other beaches to check out are Clear water beach and Warwick Long Bay.

Rent a Twizy- The Twizy is probably the coolest and cutest form of transportation I have ever been in. It is a small electric car perfect for exploring the island and navigating the small roads. I would make a day out of this, rent a Twizy and go on your own personalized adventure around the island. I highly recommend renting one if you’re looking to explore the island.on your own terms. Try beach hopping or just driving end to end on the island which will take under 2 hours.

Unfinished Church- Here’s a challenge, sneak into the unfinished church in St Georges! I promise it is well worth it. Aside from the adrenaline rush you will get to explore this beautiful 18th century gothic church which remains abandoned and incomplete till this day but makes for a fun adventure and activity if you love historic architecture.

Grotto Bay cave Spa - Okay so this is one thing I didn’t get to do and the first thing on my list next time I am in Bermuda. The Grotto Bay cave spa as the name indicates is a spa in a natural cave, if you ever get the chance to go to Bermuda let me know how your experience was!

Bicycle tour with @kristinslifeinpics - I don’t think you will meet anyone who is as funny, energetic and vocal about highlighting the presence and achievements of people of color in Bermuda as Kristin White is. She brought every aspect of the island to life and has worked diligently to put St George’s on the map as the newest hotspot on the island. I would definitely recommend taking a bike tour with her around St Georges to give all the sights and sounds some meaning.

Where to stay

I stayed at a cozy historic bed and breakfast called Aunt Nea’s Inn in St Georges. The owner, Faith was the most amazing person and made sure we had everything we needed to make our time in Bermuda memorable. Upon arrival I was welcomed with a goodie bag in my room with personal touches from black owned businesses in Bermuda and the cutest black girl magic candle which I now keep by my bedside. The whole parish of St Georges is a UNESCO world heritage site and Aunt Nea’s certainly does its part to contribute to the interesting history of the town as it dates back to the 1700’s and is a treasured site on its own in Bermuda. The rooms, however, are stylish, modern and spacious!

Budgeting For Bermuda.

One thing to keep in mind is that Bermuda isn’t exactly a budget destination. While you can find good deals on flights(mine was $300 from New York), hotels, food, drinks and some activities are pretty pricy. If you are traveling on a budget I would suggest you minimize expenses where possible. You can do this by finding quality but more affordable accommodation (Aunt Nea’s inn was a great example of this, and trying looking at places on airbnb for some good options) and saving money on your flights to leave room in your budget to actually enjoy everything the island has to offer. Pretty much everything is imported in Bermuda, making the cost of living higher than your average country so keep that in mind when planning your trip.

Tips to save in Bermuda

  • Buses - Use the Buses as often as possible, they are a convenient way of getting around the island.

  • Book early – Book your flights and accommodation early. If you want to save you will need to book at least a month in advance. Avoid hotels and resorts and instead stay at a bed and breakfast or airbnb. If you’re staying with a group, definitely rent a large apartment, as it’s far less per person than a hotel room.

  • Skip the fancy food – Bermuda has some great restaurants, but they can also be expensive. Avoid all the big, fancy restaurants (I mean treat yourself but not every night) and go for smaller stalls and local restaurants where prices are more economical.

Where to Eat.

Wahoo’s– Wahoo’s is a fun local spot in St George’s , casual spot with a great deck in St. George. Highly recommend making a stop here after your visit to Tobacco Bay!

Huckleberry restaurant at the Rosedon- Treat yourself to a boujee brunch at Huckleberry restaurant in Hamilton, bring your best brunch fit and bask in the classic ambience. The brunch menu was definitely everything I needed and it was so hard to decide what to get but the food was perfect.

When to go.

Bermuda is a year round destination, especially if you live in places like New York with awful winters. We visited Bermuda in November and though it was only 2 hours away, there was a strikingly clear difference in weather between the two places. February is the coolest month, with an average temperature of 66°F (18°C). July is the hottest month, with an average temperature of 80°F (26°C). The best time to visit is September and October, but really anytime can be a good time to visit, off season visits mean less people and cheaper prices and while the weather might be a little cooler you can still enjoy beach days and tropical activities.

Other tips for Bermuda.

  • It is impossible to buy any affordable clothes on the island. Take everything you need with you.

  • Bermuda has its own currency, the Bermudian dollar. The Bermudian dollar is one to one with the US dollar and both currencies are accepted so if you are coming from the U.S save your coins and avoid the exchange fees.

  • One thing I loved about Bermuda was the colorful buildings, green, blue, yellow and of course the staple color Pink! You can't miss the colorful pastel architecture. Be sure to bring your best vibrant clothing to match the colorful vibes. I would suggest leaving darker and duller colors at home for this trip.

  • What really makes Bermuda a paradise is the locals! The Bermudians were very helpful, and welcoming. From the arrival hall we dove into conversation with our immigration officer and he gave us a lot of local tips and tricks to the island. Everyone we talked to offered tips, help and an insiders scoop into life on the island. I would definitely suggest taking the time out to talk to locals and ask them questions.

Black owned stores to check out

  • Long story short - Everything from black girl magic candles, to quirky shirts and a wide collection of books.

  • Salt Spray soap - Handmade skin and body care products.

  • Urban Cottage- Vintage meets modern boutique clothing & accessories store.