The New Age Of Travel

Today’s 20-somethings are spending more on travel than ever before. For us, life is all about the experiences!

Of course I could spend my money on a $2000 bag, but a once in a lifetime trip to a new country (or two, or three) sounds a lot more fulfilling in the long term. These days more and more people are recognizing the all round value of travel and consequently we want to empower travelers by curating the most eclectic experiences.

Gone are the days of all-inclusive vacations where you never leave the resort. We seek off-the-beaten path adventures that are authentic, unforgettable and of course Instagram-worthy. In a generation where credit card bills are growing faster than Donald Trump’s ego, the need and want for innovative travel options have more than doubled in demand. After all, everyone wants to come home from vacations with blissful memories instead of unmanageable credit card bills and that is where we come in!

We have compiled a list of ‘Must Do’ hacks and cost-effective options to help you plan your next trip of a lifetime.

  • TGIF

Conventional wisdom has long held that the cheapest fares are for Tuesday or Wednesday departures. But over the last four years research has turned the ‘fly midweek’ wisdom completely on its head; it is time to add some additional flair to your Friday and confirm flight bookings before you Houdini from the office at 5pm.

FYI: You might find it’s cheaper to fly out a day before or after you’d originally planned, which is where the ‘month view’ search tool really comes into its own.

  • The Cookie Monster

Yes they are listening, and yes they are watching. As sneaky as your sponsored Instagram or Facebook ad’s, airlines and booking websites also piggy back off your browser history seeing prices jump from one minute to the other on the site whilst trying to book. Close the cookies, open a new web page and refresh before you press confirm. 

  • Airline Affair

Long gone are the days when it was always cheaper to book a return flight with the same airline. Our research indicates you can frequently save by being disloyal to your outbound airline and return from your adventure arm in arm with a cheaper host back. Shhhh… we won’t tell! 

  • Travel Now, Pay Later

If you don’t have a lot of disposable cash, installment plans can help you pay for your purchases over time without going over your budget. Just like the convenient monthly payment plans we have for our C.A.T guests, new-age digital lending companies are making travel more accessible by opening the pool of options and giving us the chance to postpone payments for flights and other hefty financial commitments. Here is a list of our top picks for layaway payment plans aka The Luxury Travel Loan:

Bookings over $200 can be paid through installments on Expedia. It was introduced in 2016 when online lender Affirm announced in 2016 that it would offer its services on Expedia. Affirm, which is owned by PayPal co-founder Max Levchin, allows customers to buy goods immediately and pay for them in three, six or 12-monthly installments using a bank transfer, cheque or debit card. On Expedia, travelers can find this feature by selecting a flight and hotel package and then selecting the “Monthly Payments” tab

Chicago-based start-up, Airfordable, allows customers to pay for airline tickets in installments. Customers submit a screenshot of an itinerary along with the trip details and then Airfordable presents a payment plan. After making an initial deposit, regular payments can be made on the overall balance through the date of departure. 

Options for U.K residents:

Airlines that offer payment plans:

We need more airlines to hop on this trend, till then we will take what we can get!