How to save for your next trip!

How to save for your next trip!

Let’s talk about saving!

Pro tips to fund your dream trip abroad

An endless stream of inspirational and panoramic travel photographs on your social media feed, admit it – you have caught the travel bug, but the prospect of putting down a large lump sum of money to click ‘book’ on your dream vacay can be somewhat daunting. Fear not, your bank account doesn’t need to be busting at the seams for you to be able to embark to a foreign land of your choice; money saving tips pre travel are as easy to follow as it is to scroll through your Instagram feed.

Follow our tips below and you will find yourself living your best life on a yacht in Greece, dancing on the streets of Rio De Janeiro or soaking up the tranquillity of island life in Indonesia.

A real-life Piggy Bank

No, we aren’t talking about pennies in a jar although you would be surprised how much your loose change can add up! We advise opening up a savings account for your holiday-to-be and transfer money into it every month. It won’t be long until you’ve forgotten how much money has accumulated and you’ll be in for a very pleasant surprise a few months down the line.

I started using Qapital when I was in college and it truly made the difference – I started by saving $5 a day and then every time I would purchase a cheat meal the app would automatically save $15! You can set rules to save as much or as little as you please. In my Junior year of college I was catching flights to Peru, Switzerland, Mexico and beyond on the weekends. (Mom if you are reading this I’m sorry)

Learn more about Qapital

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Earn As You Travel

This is a nice short-cut. If you can earn money as you travel, you won’t have to save quite as much. I tried this out a few times while I had my apartment in New York and it honestly works! I travelled to England for 2 weeks last year and I put up my apartment on Airbnb for that time period and I made over $2000! Making money while you are traveling just got easier. The whole thing was so easy to set up – create an account, put up your apartment or room and prepare the space for the dates of your choice. Of course, it’s not for everyone –but hosting on Airbnb might just fund your next getaway so I’m throwing it out there for all the folks who want to consider an alternative solution.  Check it out

Less Starbucks, More Tap Water

Well this sounds somewhat daunting especially for the coffee addicts out there but rest assured, your new nonexistent daily Starbucks bill will add up to a lovely amount of pocket money for your travels. Craving that cream filled topped Frappuccino or frothy almond milk latte? Willpower ladies, you can do it and think of the benefits for your beach bod.

P.S. it doesn’t have to be Starbucks, try cutting back on your daily treat or guilty pleasure and transfer the equivalent cost into your new savings account. It all starts to add up! We all know that person who spends hundreds of dollars on bottles in the club – your money could buy you a roundtrip international ticket to the country of your dreams.

 Don’t believe me? Visit, in the where to tab search everywhere, you would be surprised how cheap roundtrip tickets are these days.

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Sex In The City at home

 Instead of your weekly girlie catch up over those more expensive than needed cocktails, how about turning into hostess with the mostess and inviting your girls over to yours for homemade cocktails and or dinner. State on the invite that it is bring your own booze and you’ll all start to realize how much fun can be had at home with the addition of movie night or games night.

Shopaholic no more

It is time to put your shopping habits into hibernation, at least for a few months. Either shop for less and swap designer for high street or try your best to cut back completely unless vital and necessary. Once again, put THAT money you would have nonchalantly spent on shoes, into your travel savings account. You know I love a good vacay outfit! Why not put that money aside towards your vacation slay – I know I’d rather spend my money to look snatched on the beach Italy.


Uber less, walk more

Did we dare to just suggest giving up your nearest and dearest travel app? Not so much give up and delete, more cut back like the rest of the guilty pleasures we’ve spoken about. Choose to walk to that meeting or lunch date, even utilize public transport wherever possible and you will notice the dollar signs ding ding ding in your account. Every. Little. Helps!

Payment plans

 Of course, we had to mention our trip payment plans – it totally comes in handy when saving for travel. One of the joys of booking your next trip with us is you know exactly how much you need to save and you can breakdown what may seem like a huge amount into smaller bite sized payments. Not only can you budget towards your trip each month with our flexible travel plans, but you also don’t have to worry about the little expenses catching up to you when you arrive on your vacay! We give you all the tools you need to be very prepared for any and all expenses involved in your trip. Most of our 2020 trips even have payments due every 2 months now which gives you more than enough time to save those coins for your dream vacation.

These tips apply to all types of saving beyond saving for travel, get your finances together and live your best stress free life.

Which bad spending habits are keeping you from your next getaway? Comment below!