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Thailand 2019: Next Steps




Please fill out the form below with your flight information for the trip.


May 25th

June 5th - All Payments must be completed by June 5th

Please make your payments on-time, if for any reason you are unable to make a payment date please let me know promptly.

Please note that hence forth all payments that are later than 10 days will incur $30 late fee, I completely understand things come up and I do my best to be accommodating to everyone but late payments delay us from putting together aspect of your trip. Hence this fee serves as a caution against late payments.

All late payment fees are made through the website linked here.

If you do not make your complete trip payment by June 10th you will not be allowed to participate in the trip.


Hence forth all payments will only be collected through the website to enable us to provide you with immediate accurate invoices.

Here is the link - Each payment can be made from the website at anytime by visiting the payment page on the website and selecting the appropriate payment option.


Flight Details

Please fill out your flight details in the form below.


Phuket & Chiang Mai - June 15th - June 23rd

Phuket Only - June 15th - June 19th

Chaing Mai only - June 19th - June 23rd


Phuket & Chiang Mai - June 29th - July 7th

Phuket Only - July 3rd - July 7th

Chiang Mai only - June 29th - July 3rd

Please note you are responsible for your flights to the starting point of the trip. If you are signed-up for both cities your flight in-between is included in the cost of the trip.

Airport pick-up is arranged based on your time of arrival and departure, if you arrive at the same time as someone else in the group you will be in the same car, otherwise your pick-up will be arranged individually. If you arrive a day earlier you will be picked up from your hotel.

Full Government Name *
Full Government Name
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Date of birth
Phone number *
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Say no to the temptation!

Say no to the temptation!

Have you Signed the waiver Form?

Please read and sign the waiver form linked below, all trip participants must agree to the terms of the trip outlined in the waiver form before attending.

THINGS TO NOTE (I’m going to get very serious for a second):

There will be absolutely no drug usage tolerated on this trip, please note that drug usage in countries like Thailand carry very severe sentences.


While you are traveling in Thailand, you are subject to its laws. Foreign laws and legal systems can be vastly different from our own. Persons violating Thai laws, even unknowingly, may be arrested, or imprisoned. The Thai legal process is very slow, and cases can take months to be resolved. Suspects can be held without charges for up to 80 days, and in some cases longer, during pre-trial investigation.

Penalties for possession or use of, or trafficking in illegal drugs in Thailand are severe, and convicted offenders can expect long jail sentences and heavy fines. A life sentence or the death penalty can be imposed in cases of drug trafficking. Several foreigners have been sentenced to death in recent years.

Most Thai prisons are harsh and do not meet Western standards.

I don’t want to scare you (maybe just a little) but this is a very serious topic.

Forget about drugs when you are partying in Thailand as a foreigner you are a prized target for the police and therefore you are more at risk.


You are responsible for obtaining your own travel insurance cover. I recommend that you purchase travel insurance before the trip, however, it is not required.

One option is World Nomads. However, it is your responsibility to research travel insurance companies in your location and select an insurer that suits your needs and coverage requirements.

You are solely responsible for the cost of any travel insurance and ensuring that you are adequately insured for the full duration of the Getaway with respect to possible illness, injury, death, property damage, loss of baggage and personal items, cancellation and/or curtailment, and/or any other potential losses, damages, costs, expenses, or liabilities (collectively “Losses”). You will be solely responsible for any Losses related to your failure to procure travel insurance. You are responsible for ensuring that your personal travel insurance covers you for any and all activities that form part of the itinerary of the trip.





Group 1 - Phuket (Start date June 15th)

Group 2 - Chiang Mai (June 29th)


The airline you chose would be based on your budget/ port of departure, most airlines do a good job however the only airline I wouldn’t outrightly suggest is Air China based on my personal experience with them, they overpack the planes and have lost my luggage twice in the past with little to no compensation.


Please note that you are responsible for booking your flight back home. Depending on which date you have signed up for your trip will end in either Phuket and Chiang Mai. You are responsible for purchasing your ticket to whichever city you will be leaving from. For example if the trip ends in Chiang Mai and your flight back home leaves from Bangkok you are responsible for booking your flight from Chiang Mai to Bangkok.


If you have extra time on your hands I would definitely suggest including Bangkok or other nearby countries in your travel plans. You could fly into Thailand a few days prior to the trip start date and explore Bangkok or other parts of Thailand on your own before joining the group for the trip. This is especially recommended if you are only signing up for one half of the trip experience.

If you need recommendations or help planning the rest of your trip email me and I’d be happy to help put something together.


There will be many afternoons with some free time in the itinerary that you can use to relax, go out to explore or go shopping. All daily activities are optional so you are welcome to skip something in favor of some down time!


Generally most nationalities can enter Thailand without obtaining a visa. However, a visa may be required to travel to Thailand depending on what your nationality is. It is your responsibility to check the visa requirements based on your country of original / nationality and to obtain the correct visa for your trip. Please click this link to check if you will need a visa for the trip.


Check in is at 1pm on the first day of your trip, if you are arriving later on in the day that is completely fine we have a welcome dinner on the first night so do your best to be in before 6pm on the first day of the trip but if you are unable to arrive early you can take the first day to unwind and recuperate before day 2 of the trip. Check out is at 12pm on the last day of the trip and you are able to keep your luggage at the hotel if your flight is later in the day on the day of check out but everyone must check out by 12pm.


Flights are not included in the price, it is your responsibility to purchase your own flight for the trip.


I would suggest purchasing your flight early to save money, my go to search engines are Sky Scanner and Kayak for cheaper flight options. A great way to save money is to check the flight prices to nearby Asian countries like Vietnam, China, Singapore, Malaysia etc travel to these countries can be cheaper and booking flights between countries in south east Asia is very affordable you can find flights for less than $100 roundtrip.

Compare flights going to Phuket airport or Bangkok as-well. The trip starts in Phuket but I would definitely suggest flying into Bangkok, Bangkok's international airport, Suvarnabhumi, is the cheapest airport in Thailand to fly into. So make Bangkok your first stop and maybe spend a few nights in the bustling capital, and then make your way around Thailand flights within Thailand can be as cheap as $15 on airlines such as Nok Air or Air Asia.

Booking travel shouldn't be about guess work, and the best way to find the cheapest flights is to monitor prices. If you don’t have any airlines in mind or don’t know where to start I suggest you check out These flight search engine sites offer flight comparison where you can actually see different airfares from different airlines.

Check out international airlines such as Air China, Cathay Pacific, Korean Air, Japan Airlines, and China Eastern Airlines, which often offer flights for affordable prices.

Depart from airports with a higher volume of flights to Asia. For example, in the USA, LAX and JFK have more flights to Asia than all other cities in the USA. So you may find a cheaper flight by heading there first, then flying to Thailand.

For international trips the best time to book a flight is two to three months in advance.