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Thailand Trip Itinerary

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Chiang Mai

June 29th - July 3rd

We will be splitting our time in Chiang Mai between The Chai Lai Orchid Eco Lodge and Hotel Charla No.6 in old City Chiang Mai to gain a full perspective of the charming multi dimensional City!

See room assignments & accommodation details here.

The group will be split into two in order for the elephant experiences to be more intimate and to prevent us from over crowding the animals.

Please note that The Chai Lai Orchid is an eco lodge and elephant sanctuary - there will be bugs, you will have moments when you might feel very out of your comfort zone! The Chai Lai orchid is not a 5 star hotel it is run by refugees from Burma and former sex trafficking victims most of which may not speak English well, please be patient and respectful to everyone you encounter.

Group 1 - Chai Lai Orchid (June 29-July 1st), Charla No.6 (July 1st -July 3rd)  Group 2 - Charla No.6 (June 29-July 1st) , Chai Lai Orchid (July 1st- July 3rd)

Group 1 - Chai Lai Orchid (June 29-July 1st), Charla No.6 (July 1st -July 3rd)

Group 2 - Charla No.6 (June 29-July 1st) , Chai Lai Orchid (July 1st- July 3rd)

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Chai Lai Orchid

Check in Day

Arrive at the Chai Lai orchid

Spend the day taking in the natural scenery and grab lunch with a view of elephants in the river.

Spend time with the elephants that surround you and get acquainted with the gentle giants.

Group 1 (June 29th-July 1st)

You will be picked up from the airport and transported to the Chai Lai Orchid Eco Lodge.

Your Welcome dinner is at the Chai Lai Orchid on June 19th at 6pm (For group 1)

Group 2 (July 1st-July 3rd)

You will be transported from your hotel in Chiang Mai Old city to the Chai Lai Orchid Eco Lodge.


Experience the best of Northern Thailand and escape the crowds with a full day filled with swimming at waterfalls and befriending elephants in the jungle.

Learn how to take care of an Asian elephant: one on one time with your own elephant will let you get to know her personality. Take in some of Northern Thailand’s most beautiful landscapes on a hike with a local Karen guide. Visit a Karen, Hmong, or Lahu village and swim in a hidden waterfall. Bamboo raft down the Mae Wang River that winds through the jungle mountains of Northern Thailand. Feed all the elephants in the herd, bathe a baby, and walk with or bareback ride an elephant through the jungle. Finally, say goodbye to the elephants before heading back to the city, or enjoy refreshments and snacks at our riverside cafe.


This tour starts at 9am



  • The day will start with trekking. Come prepared with your daypack ready with swimwear, a reusable water bottle, bug spray, a change of clothes and trekking shoes.


  • Enjoy a waterfall, explore and relax

  • Your guide will cook you a meal using local ingredients over a fire

  • After lunch, you'll typically past through 1 or more Karen Hill Tribe village where your guide can tell you about local life for this rare tribe

Bamboo rafting

  • A truck will take you to the bamboo rafting starting point a few minutes down the road

  • We suggest leaving your camera and anything you don't want to get wet in the truck, which will meet you after rafting

  • Depending on the time of year, the ride can have rapids or just be relaxing. It is about 1 hour and always lots of fun!


  • Don't be afraid to get wet when you bathe and play with our young elephants in the river. They love to play!

  • Spend the afternoon walking alongside these gentle giants, feeding them and bathing them in the river.

  • Learn how to take care of elephants from their knowledgable caretakers


  • Comfortable athletic clothing

  • Towel

  • Swimwear

  • Sandals with good grip / trekking shoes

  • Change of clean clothes

  • Reusable water bottle

  • Bug-spray

  • Sunscreen

  • Cash for buying drinks or handcrafts


  • Lunch

  • Local guides to translate for you

  • Start time 9:00 and drop off 17:00

  • Accident Insurance

Check out

Elephant Wake up Call (7:00am-9:00am Individual room wake up schedule will be announced on arrival at the lodge) - Wake up to Elephants at your doorstep.

Enjoy breakfast in your room or at the main restaurant.

Check out is at 12pm.

Chiang mai old City - Charla No.6

Check in day

Group 2 (June 29th-July 1st)

You will be picked up from the airport and transported to the Charla No.6.

Group 1 (July 1st- July3rd)

After checking out from the Chai lai orchid you will be transported from the Chai Lai orchid to hotel Charla No.6

Today’s agenda - Optional at your own cost

Take the day to yourself and relax in the hotel.

In the evening check out Chiang Mai’s famous night bazaar markets with hundreds of clothing shops and food stalls (You might see some crocodile, scorpions, and other crazy eats!)

- Thai boxing 550 baht Standard Seat / person

Includes : Transportation

- Thai boxing 800 baht Ringside Seat / person

Includes : Transportation , 1 Drink

- Thai boxing 1200 baht V.I.P Seat / person

Includes : Transportation , Unlimited Drinks

Temples, Temples and More temples

Visit Chiang Mai’s most iconic temples & local craft markets with a Thai local tour guide

Doi Suthep Temple ( Chedi Luang temple , Phrasing temple, Chiang Man temple)

- Lunch (Included) Asian Cuisine Buffet

Back to the Hotel around 2pm

Welcome dinner for group 2 in Old Chiang Mai at Khum Khantoke (Dinner and Thai dance performance Show included)

Pick up will be at 6:00pm

Check out Day

Official Chiang Mai check out for both group 1 and 2 is on July 3rd.

Breakfast and Check Out by 12pm

Chiang Mai - Phuket

If you signed up for the Phuket experience you will be picked up for the airport at Between 6:00am-6:30am depending on your group.

Flight Details

Thai Smile Airlines

Chiang Mai - Phuket

July 3rd - Departure time (9:40am)

Each flight includes 20kg/44lbs baggage per person, to purchase additional baggage please do so on the Thai Smile airline website using your name and flight number.

You are responsible for checking yourself into your flight and making it to the boarding gate on time. If you are late or you miss your flight for any reason you are responsible for handling all changes and expenses that arise as a result.

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Day 1 - July 3rd

Arrive in Phuket for the start of an incredible week in Thailand.

Driving time from the airport to the villa: 25 mins

Check in starts at 2pm - Settle into the villa

  • Meet the other guests and get settled into your home for the next 5 days!

  • Rooms are pre-assigned and your name will be on your door.

More details about your villa and in-house services here.

Welcome pool party + Dinner

Lets start the trip off with great vibes and networking! Enjoy a Thai style buffet while connecting with the rest of the group and after dinner the fun continues! (or turn in early if you are exhausted from traveling)

Dinner starts at 7pm in Villa Tropical paradise

Pre-dinner photoshoot starts at 6:15pm

Dinner dress code: White & Black

(We do not provide alcohol for safety reasons, purchasing alcohol is at your sole discretion.)

Day 2 - July 4th

Explore Phuket

Spend the day exploring the island of Phuket, you can choose to do your own thing or join the group on a scheduled Phuket city tour.

(Included) Private Phuket tour (9:00am-3:00pm):

Explore Phuket’s natural beauty and culture on this half day trip to the islands top highlights.

Lunch is not included (Budget $15 for lunch depending on your choice of restaurant)

  • Scenic drive across the island, passing by iconic beaches

  • Wat Chalong, Phuket's most famous & beautiful monastery

  • Big Buddha - A must see in Phuket! A giant statue of Buddha with buddhist monks and the beautiful view will make you feel the soul of Phuket. 

  • Views, Views, Views - Get a one of a kind perspective over the city at the Karon viewpoint

  • Explore the true essence of Sino-Portuguese architecture

(Included) In villa Thai Oil Massage

  • There is nothing better than a massage session on vacay! Enjoy a 60 minute oil massage in the villa with the views of the ocean as a backdrop. Sign-up sheet will be available on arrival. (Provided from 4pm-7:00pm)

Day 3 - July 5th

Island Hopping - Phi Phi Island Overnight stay

Approximate itinerary (Itinerary is subject to change based on the weather)

8:15 Pick up from the hotel.

9:00 Boat departure from Chalong Pier to Maithon Island.

10:30 Arrival to Maithon for dolphin watching

11:30 Leaving Maithon island for Phi Phi Islands.

12:30 Arrival to Phi Phi Leh Island to see Maya Bay. Here we can use kayaks and snorkel. Thai style buffet lunch is served (Included)

14:00 Cruising around Phi Phi Leh to see Viking Cave and Pileh Lagoon, and then to Phi Phi Don Island: Nui Bay and Monkey Beach.

15:00-16:00 Drop off at Phi Phi Island - Spend the night on Koh Phi Phi

- Swimming suite
- Hat or cap
- Back Pack/small overnight bag
- sun block lotion
- Beach towel
- Personal expenses

We will be spending the night on Phi Pi Island

Day 4 - June 6th

Explore Phi Phi Island - Back to Phuket

After breakfast, spend the morning exploring Phi Phi island

Enjoy the beaches/Hike the View Point

If you’re not too busy enjoying the beaches and islands, take the time to go explore at your own time and pace, you could also try hiking in Phi Phi as it has some of the most beautiful viewpoints in Thailand. From each peak, you are greeted with uninhibited views of the clear waters and lush greenery of Ko Phi Phi.

At 1pm take a 1 hour ferry back to Phuket Island - Return to the villa by 2:30pm

(Optional) Rooftop/Pool side hangout in the villa (From 5:00pm)

Night out - Lets enjoy our last night out in the town! (10pm)

  • Details will be provided at the start of the trip.

Day 5 - July 7th

Goodbyes & Check out at 11am


Emergencies - WHAT TO DO if YOU GET LOST?

Always buddy up when you go out, Thailand is generally very safe but to prevent getting lost or having safety issues be sure to tell someone where you are going and preferably go out with someone especially at night.

Please do not carry your passport and all your money around with you to prevent being stranded if you lose your bag or wallet.

Need help?

Please message Raven - she will be your go to person for all trip related issues and is available to answer all your questions, give you recommendations and ensure you have an amazing time.

Whatsapp - +1 917-345-7533


I would suggest anywhere between $250 to $500 to cover extra activities, food, shopping and emergencies. Of course this is a very general estimate, you are the best judge of your spending habits. Thailand can be as cheap or as expensive as you make it. You can find food for $2 for a full meal or eat at a high end restaurant for $30 a meal , it all depends on you. Please note that Phuket is more expensive than Chiang Mai and restaurants in tourist areas usually up-charge significantly so your meals could range from $15-$20, again this depends on your choices.

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