• Group Travel Meet-ups
    • Purchase pre-published dates to various countries that represent the perfect mix of adventure, luxury living, wellness, culture and so much more.
    • Travel solo or bring your friends to attend our travel meet-ups to meet other like-minded people and build a new friendship.
    • Want more privacy in your accommodation? Add a single occupancy feature which is optional for guests who don’t want to share a room.
  • Private Experience
    • Experience freedom in making your own customized itinerary that is designed specifically for you. Select your preferred dates of travel and destination of choice, with curated experiences designed based on your budget.
    • Travel solo or with someone and/or a group with guests of any age – we value every diverse trip just tell us ahead of time. Birthdays, Anniversaries, or any type of Celebrations, Alumni meet-ups, and retreats are welcome as well as soul-searching self-care trips, baecation, or family vacations.


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