2020 Calendar.

2020 Calendar.

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Health, Fitness, mindfulness & goal setting

January 16 - February 2nd 2020 (Multiple dates available)


Bali Baecation

The Ultimate couples Getaway

February 9th - February 15th 2020

#2nd #Beaches #Loaf #Niteroi #plane #Sugar - On 2nd plane, behind the Sugar Loaf, some beaches of Niteroi_  On 2nd plane, behind the Sugar Loaf, some beaches of Niteroi.jpeg
Travel Placex™ в Instagram_ «Incredible Taj Mahal😍 Double tap if you like❤️and comment your…».jpeg


Rio Carnival Extravaganza!

February 21st - February 26th 2020

India Holi Celebration

Once in a lifetime Festival of Colors

March 8th - March 14th 2020

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THailand the Sequel

Spring-break Never looked so Good

March - April

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South Korea Takeover

K-pop, K-drama,K-beauty!

April 12th - 18th 2020

Rio Celeste Costa Rica_ How to Have the Best Time at the Skyblue River.jpeg

COsta Rica Adventure

Into the Tropics

May 20th - May 25th 2020

The ultimate Marrakech city guide - A Little Blonde in Paradise.jpeg

Morocco - summer escape

Into The Desert

May 31st - June 6th 2020

Manarola, Cinque Terre, Italy - Frisure.jpeg

We Love Italy

ALmafi Coast Summer

June 13th - June 20th 2020

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Yacht Week - Greece

Living our very best lives!

July 4th - July 11th 2020

10 Breathtaking Places You Have To Visit One Day!.jpeg

Egypt & Jordan

oh the wonders you will see!

August 9th - 15th 2020

vibrance defined.jpeg

Eat, Pray, Love - Bali

Bali Self care retreat

September 6th - 12th

The Ultimate 7 Day Itinerary For Peru.jpeg

Peru The Sequel

The Ultimate Bucket List Getaway is back again

October 7th - 11th 2020

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Dubai expo 2020

Explore, Elevate your network, validate your ideas

25th October - 31 October 2020

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Luxury Living redefined - Signature luxe Getaway

November 8th - November 14th

Details will be released on October 20th


Shifting Perspectives

November 21st - November 28th

SOuth Africa

Culture & COntext

December 26th - January 2nd