Chidi Ashley

2019 Travel Meet-ups.

Chidi Ashley
2019 Travel Meet-ups.
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Bermuda Luxe Getaway

(3 Spots available)

NOVEMBER 7 - 11 (5 DAYS, 4 NIGHTS) .


Bring your girl friends and lets take over the amazing island of Bermuda.

Sneak peak of what’s included:

  • Accommodation at a luxury 4 star hotel

  • Airport & boat transfers

  • Private beach parties

  • Historical trail & learn about the African diaspora

  • Zip around the island in the legendary Twizzy car

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ANCIENT Vs. Modern Wonders

(1 Spot available)

Learn about the history of the ancient Egyptians and Explore the best of Egypt then bring in the new year in Dubai with an ultra luxury cultural experience. From desert ATV rides to exploring the old Dubai before it became the city of sky scrapers.

Sneak peak of what’s included:

  • Accommodations at a 4/5 star luxury hotel in Egypt & Dubai

  • Private English speaking tour guide with a PHD in Egyptology

  • Cross off a world wonder from your bucket list